Care tips for winter wear

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Now that it’s getting chilly out, you guy have to bring your winter clothes out of storage. It’s time to get excited about the clothes you haven’t been wearing for the past few months. Gone are the carefree summer days of throwing your cotton t-shirts and rubber flip flops in the washing machine. Now you have materials like wool, cashmere, leather etc. To maximize the wear you get from your clothing, you need to take care of your winter clothes. Read on for few Care tips for winter wear :

  1. Don’t hang them up:Keep your sweaters from becoming stretched out and shapeless by folding them and placing them in a drawer. You can hang your coats though.
  1. Get rid of pills: Gently rub your fabric with a fabric comb, sandpaper or razor that will shave the pills from the surface of the garment.
  2. Washing: It would be great if you could hand wash your sweaters but it is completely ok if you opt for machine wash as well. Help them keep their shape by buttoning them before washing. Use a cold water and mild dye-free detergent. Add a towel or two which will help absorb the great amount of moisture wool can hold. Wash them gently and lay them flat to dry.
  3. Steam: When the sweater is dry, gently steam press with an iron. Fold the sweater; place it in a drawer or on a shelf. Don’t hang them. Make sure you press them when they are completely dry.
  4. Never Bleach: Make sure you are always using bleach free detergents. Never use bleach to remove stains from your woollen items. For tough stains, consult a dry cleaner.
  5. How to wear: Don’t wear you woolen clothes continuously for more than three days. That can make your woollens shapeless and dull. Always fold them properly before keeping them in your wardrobe. Brush them regularly before wearing to prevent them from any bacteria and dust. This will even prevent you from skin allergies and rashes.

So, now since you are ready with your winter wear, enjoy winters J Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments!


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